Dead Men Tell No Tales

This article starts with the title “A Hero’s Legend and a Stolen Skull Rustle Up a DNA Drama” and the lede exemplifies the title and furthermore entices the readers curiosity “MELBOURNE, Australia — Even with the best scientific techniques, you can’t always get what you want. But if you try, as the Rolling Stones put it, sometimes you get what you need.”
This article further explains that in 1929, when digging started a mass grave was found, and the bones belonging to Ned Kelly and Frederick Bailey Deeming (who may have been Jack the Ripper) were found. Shiesty school children and onlookers stole some of the bones found, possibly including Ned Kelly’s skull. The remains were sent to a jail for examination and reburial, while the skull took a mysterious journey of its own. The grand tale of Ned Kelly, as told via this article, is that “Born about 1854 to an Irish convict exiled to Australia, Kelly became a folk hero as a very young man. He took up arms against a corrupt British constabulary, robbed banks and wrote an explosive manifesto. He was shot and arrested in a final shootout in which he wore homemade metal armor, and in 1880 he was hanged by the Anglo-Irish establishment he despised. Kelly’s famous death outfit including boots, bag, death mask, and sash… were unable to provide any matching DNA to correlated to the skull found and the historic Ned Kelly apparel. Still on the search, scientists have been looking for this national hero’s skull to complete the remains.



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