That Dreaded Day

September 11th has always been the day before my birthday. So waking up that morning I was getting excited for my birthday the following day. Bouncing down the stairs, in what I though was an appropriate pre-birthday outfit, my parents had the TV on the news as usual before we left for school. Not but three steps down, my mom said “Come here, look at this, planes are hitting the building, look how impressive the destruction is” and later when images showed individuals jumping we mocked “if you’re going to die from this, you may as well jump out and enjoy the rush”. Needless to say, it put a damper on my day – and we all drove to school that morning silently, listening to the radio, thinking who’s next… Later that day, my friends and I found out from our parents who called and left message for us – because my school choose not to tell us what else was happening, or display it on TV. Being in the middle of Colorado, I decided that I was probably safe if anything else happened, because NORAD was basically in our back yard. I remember seeing the deep sadness, shock, and fear of what had happened to great cities. September 11th, was a sad day, but being so far away and removed from the situation I didn’t feel completely affected by the tragedy, until I found out my cousin was visiting New York City and had been in the Twin Towers the day before. Then I realized how grief stricken the families of individuals who worked there were, and the aftermath of the dust and debris made a city so beautiful, so devastated. September 11th, the day before my birthday, I remember the amazing images of destruction, and I surrendered my happiness.



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