Writers Independence

In the article “The Klavaliers Ride To a Fall” From The Klan Unmasked,1954 by Stetson Kennedy is an article that gives a first hand insight to the KKK. This article reads more like a story, until the end when the writer tries to contact the outside to report to the F.B.I. of the happenings of the nights killing events. While this story reads more like at first, describing whats happening, the setting, and how the writer is involved in the Klavaliers as a newbie. The story is set up from start of finish as a plan: step one – meet, step two- implement, step three- take action, step three and a half – independently try to report the events of the Klavaliers actions. Kennedy is independent from his piece of work, he is established as a newbie in the klan and is to partake in the killing by starting the night as the starting point and sending the KKK on their way. However, as the article entails, Kennedy is disgusted with what all the KKK find joy in. Kennedy is independent from the beliefs of the society he has emerged himself in to get a story. Kennedy also reevaluates his decision of partaking in the KKK events as every action of harming another makes him sick, yet he must look like he is partaking. While Kennedy’s beliefs are different from that of his new emerged culture, he holds is beliefs separate and conforms to the new society to understand their ways and reluctantly helps with a murder.




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