Occupy Wall Street?

The movement that has been occupying public space since September 17th is still continuing today. The Occupy Wall Street movement has grown to just about every city across America, and even some cities abroad. With the financial situations both in America and Europe – people are starting to Occupy their cities to show that the rest of the citizens want a voice in democracy.

Many images show what is not being discussed, often high lighting the violence and disruption that this movement has caused. However, news articles discuss how yet another day has passed that protestors are still there, and oh yea there may have been some tiffs with police and people breaking the laws. However, what the public generally sees are people with their signs arguing how unfortunate their life has been because of the 1% policy makers. Yet, many of the younger generations have refuated with facts such as an image like this:

In correspondence with whomever was on email duty for http://occupywallst.org replied to the following questions:

What are the objectives of the OWS movement?

The original objectives of the OWS movement is to create a democratic process for addressing the problem of the power of Wall St. over our government and wealth inequality. At this point, the movement has grown and taken on many issues. The overall theme is that OWS wants true democracy where the 99% make decisions, not the 1% of the population that controls all of our wealth.

What does OWS want to see change?

We want to a return to real democracy. We doing this by organizing direct democracy in our own communities right now.

Although this movement doesn’t seem to have any real goals behind their occupying phase, participants are still avidly partaking in protests across the Nation (and world) to show their dis-gratitude towards the 1% of Policy makers.
To further my research, I’ve been collecting materials from Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and general articles and images found on google or via the SBC library site. I’ve also emailed professors, and messaged people via Facebook to get an average person’s oppinion of the OWS movement, especially focusing on the younger college generation as they are the next to enter the work force and contribute towards the economy.
When I started emailing people – many of whom I had gone to school with, but since lost contact, many were happy to reply with their view on the situation, and gladly offered their two cents. In peer conversation, I have also gotten a sense that the OWS movement has turned into something that is more of a joke, now with http://www.oows.org/. And yes, Michale Moore has joined the OWS bandwagon – viewers may see another film soon … and even South Park has mocked the OWS movement.
What was a movement for people to gather in hopes of radically changing policy makers minds, has now become a movement where the average American is confused with what the OWS demands are, and frequently mocks the situation.

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