“Choking and Beating Patients”k by Nellie Bly

I thought Nellie Bly’s lede to “Choking and Beating Patients” was very basic and not intriguing at all. I was not at all excited by the language or the context of the story to continue reading. I think that the main reason was because it was structured like a story and not an article. Because of this there were no quotes other than conversation which made it seem very odd and not very credible.

Also in this story the language is very dull and plain. Depending on who Bly was expecting to read this there was not much excitement to the story. She kept a very plain and basic voice throughout the whole thing but never did I really want to keep reading because of something she said. I think that she definitely got the story across and people could understand it but at the end I was not really sure what to take a way. I just thought it was very mediocre.

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