“The Suppressed Tobacco Story” By George Seldes

I thought that the article “The Suppressed Tobacco Story” by George Seldes was written very well. From the beginning I was interested in knowing more. The lede was short and gave very little information, but it was something powerful so as the reader I felt like I had to know more. When you are talking about something that can affect your life so drastically making things short and holding information will most likely keep people reading.

I liked that all of his facts were from studies that other people had done. And instead of analyzing the information he just stated it how it was. I feel that if he had gotten quotes from people who had had some sort of connection with smoking whether it because because they lost somebody who smoked or if they were a smoker themselves it would have been very hard to keep the story unbiased. This was he was just stating facts and letting the readers take what they wanted away from the research that other people had done.

I also think that the information he got was very influential because most of the information that he used was shocking. The story definitely left and impact on me while I read it.

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