NBC News

NBC news is perceived to have a liberal biased.  The first article that appeared on nbcnews.com was titled “War on coal? Why Obama may not be industry’s worst enemy”.  The title showed a bias toward Obama, and informed the readers that  the war on coal is not Obama’s fault.  The article reveals that the  problem with coal is due to the lowering of natural gas prices rather than Obama’s administration. There is another article on the homepage that favors the Obama administrations fight against student debt.

The picture of a gay couple kissing on NBC’s homepage , also expresses a liberal bias. In the article, the couple expresses their disappointment with the way their engagement pictures were altered as a hate crime.  The top of the home page has rainbow colors, unlike the Fox news homepage that is an American flag. This could be seen a liberal bias, because in the gay community, the rainbow is often seen as representative.


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