ABC News Report

On Sweet Briar campus, it’s understood when an iPad is stolen or has gone ‘missing’. It is also expected when the news of it are posted and spread throughout the entire faculty and student body. What is not expected is to have something similar posted as a headline on the ABC news website.

At first I thought about analyzing one of the top three news websites, CNN, but felt that was too expected. So listening to my own advice, I kept searching through Google and came upon the ABC news website. By first seeing the headline of an iPad being stolen and tracked down, that instantly drew me in.

The headline read as “ABC News Tracks Missing iPad to TSA Officer’s Home”. Below the headline were the top stories (listing only the top six): “‘Sons of Anarchy’ Actor Found Dead”, “Mexico Catches Zetas Drug Lord”, “NFL, Refs. Reach Deal to End Lockout”, “Mortgage Hits New Record Low”, “Netanyahu Brings Ian Fears to UN” and finally, “Woman Suspected of Killing Five Babies”. Beside the top stories were videos ranging from “Some Students Rebel Against Healthy School Lunches” to “Iranian President AhmadInejad to Address UN General Assembly”.

Viewing this, I can confirm with confidence that the ABC news cover more national events than local ones, but are still able to draw in a good number of people because of the different topics they cover. I can also confirm that the ABC news is conservatively biased because they don’t seem to cover religious events.

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