Atlanta Journal Constitution

I chose to analyze the Atlanta Journal Constitution, my local newspaper . The front page only gave local stories about things like a woman killing her son with cough syrup, 2 local technical colleges merging, and a local murder at a Hertz. The only political story linked on the front page was titled, “Your morning jolt: Before the vote, a Democrat says he’ll turn GOP.” Obviously, the paper aims to give the local readers information about their community, not so much about national or global news. Readers must be sports fans as well, because a large portion of the stories are sports related, there are several stories devoted to baseball, and the first video on the front page is about football, with a link to the SEC eBook on a footer that scrolls with the page.

From what I can see from this front page, the newspaper is very much geared towards a local audience and does not expect anyone other than locals to read it. If I were to analyze a political bias, I could say that there might be a liberal bias, since the only political story on the front page focused on the Democratic party. I don’t feel that the newspaper does a very good job of reporting the important news, at least not on the front page. I know there is more to important Atlanta news than a murder and two merging colleges.

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