The Democrat Los Angeles Times

With the deadlines it is blindingly obvious that the Los Angeles Times stands for the Democrats: “Democrats gain favor in battle for Senate.”  The first words of the paragraph use the Republicans to put forward what they wrote. Republicans are opposite to the positive deadline and so associate to a defeat: “Republicans chances of gaining seats for Senate control begin to fade as more races start leaning toward Democratic candidates.”,0,1114262.story

Moreover, in the section “in case you missed it,” thanks to a cartoon they criticize the Republicans: “Republicans have a medical mindset about climate change.” The cartoon depicts someone who thought that the earth was flat and another person saying that “the sun revolves around the earth”, and finally, we have the republicans who say that the “global warming is a hoax.” Obviously, the website tries to show us that the Republicans are completely wrong, as the medieval ideas.,0,6709952.story

Besides, the Los Angeles Times promotes its city. The advertisements are for instance, in favor of the University of California “(How does the University of California impact your day?)” There is also a “L-A deals,” which allows a reduced cost in a restaurant of Santa Monica.

The advertisement sentences of Bank of America is, “Bank of America is proud to work with those who are making Greater Los Angeles stronger;” where is added “9 to 5 seating Los Angeles, CA client since 2007,” meaning that Bank of America is a trendy place for the people of Los Angeles.

News about Mexico is also more important than in other newspapers, presumably because of the geographical proximity.

The deadline for Thursday, reinstates that The Los Angeles Times is obviously supporting the Democratic Party. In the article they state that,  “[They are], Pro-Obama PAC skewers Romney on “47%” remark.” In the paragraph below, it emphasizes their position in favor of the Obama campaign: “The tape of Romney saying 47% of Americans back the president because they depend on government aid is proving to be a bonanza for Democrats.” When you click on the link, there is another deadline, which confirms again their political state of mind: “Pro-Obama “super PAC” uses “47%” comment to strafe Romney.”,0,1286591.story

Finally, there is a picture of Obama with the subtitle: “At U.N., Obama urges Muslim world to support free speech.” It is evident that the Los Angeles Times tries to show that Obama is the right candidate again, because he is also a defender of freedom.,0,2112136.story

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