The Washington Post front page

The front page of The Washington Post website shows evidence of bias toward the liberal party and more precisely, Barack Obama.

The first news on the website is about Barack Obama. This is the first name that Internet users can see. He is in the headlines. The website highlights him by putting this news on the top of the page and by writing it in a bigger font than the rest.  Both Obama and Romney’s names appear 10 times on the front page. This demonstrates the will of the editorial team to cover both of their current affairs.

Nevertheless, there is also a difference in the vocabulary used for the candidates. On the one hand, the words used by the journalists in Romney’s news have a negative connotation: “dramatic”, “problem”, “brutal”, weakens”, “uninsured”, “incoherence”, “flaws”. On the other hand, the words used for Barack Obama are more positive: “defense”, “strength”. This fact implies that the news which deal with Romney are more critical. The journalists report them by focusing on his counterproductive actions. Some headlines are explicit: “Romney’s immigration incoherence”, “Republicans’ real problem” for instance. Moreover, it looks like they favor the report of facts for Obama and the interpretation and judgment for Romney.

The choice of the videos which are available on the front page also express bias. Romney’s video is entitled: “Mitt Romney’s path to victory appears to narrow” while Obama’s video is entitled: “President Obama addresses the United Nations General Assembly”. They choose to present news about his presidential functions, about his status. On the contrary, for Romney, they focus on their point of view of the campaign of the other candidate.

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