Yahoo News Bias

Yahoo News shows a liberal bias in the news stories highlighted and the articles headlines. There are three articles about Obama’s lead in the presidential race, clearly supporting the liberal point of view.  One of the large stories on the front page is about Obama’s “superior operation” in Ohio.  To accentuate the focus on Obama, Yahoo News also wrote an article titled, “You don’t need a Weatherman to know Mitt Romney’s  loosing in Ohio”.  The negative tone when discussing  Romney’s political standing, compared to the positive word choice written about Obama, further emphasizes the liberal tone of the news page.

The article titled “Pepper-sprayed students to get $1 million in settlement” also displays Yahoo News is directed to a young audience.  The page my be bias toward a students perspective, because they are the expected audience.  Some of the side bar stories and videos display the slant aim toward a student audience; “Coolest towns in America 2012”, “Cat saves Ohio Couple from carbon monoxide poisoning”, “Skydiver aims for supersonic plunge on Oct. 8th”.  These stories are of interest to a younger generation.

Yahoo News gives the public factual journalistic stories, yet the stories chosen to cover and the tone of the headlines demonstrate a liberal bias with an expectation of a student audience.


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