Obama vs Romney: The Cost To Educate A President

In a decisive period of election, I found it interesting to choose an infographic, from degreejungle.com,  which deals with it, but which also takes an interest in colleges. This infographic tries to recount the schooling of the two candidates. Their survey is mainly based on their schooling’s cost; from pre-college to grad school. On the left we have Obama, on the right Romney and in the middle the average, with graphics to show  how a normal student deals with his education.

At the end, no conclusion is done to influence the reader, but just a rethorical question: “Education matters, where is your future going?”

This is notably another reason which helped me to choose this infographic because, there is no political orientation. It pretends to let the reader to make its own opinion, by giving to him all the information.

However, the infographic uses with ruse, its informations. The cartoon at the bottom, depicts President Obama with a more pleasant look. When it focuses the reader on “How they paid” for their education, they have a sarcastic response for Romney: “Sold a few thousand dollars’ worth” of stock from his father.”

Finally, their conclusion is also that there is not a best candidate, because neither of them came from a regular schooling.

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