The 2nd presidential debate on Twitter

I choose this infographic for several reasons. First, it represents an original topic: the perception of the second presidential debate through the Twitter activity. By analyzing the tweets posted during last-night debate, this infographic completely describes the nuances of the Twittosphere, confronting the two candidates, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

It uses drawings, graphics which compare few data, different kinds of graphics, and percentages which are more representative than numbers. All these characteristics make it easy to read and to understand.

It gives different kinds of information about the effect of the candidates’ speeches: a list of the main words associated to each candidate and a measure of the feelings that people have about each candidate (positive, mixed or negative). And more, it gives information about the Twittosphere itself: what gender was the most active, what media tweeted the most and their impact on the discussion through the number of retweets, and the favorite topics of the debate through the list of the recurrent hash tags and mentions.

Moreover, this infographic is aesthetically attractive, thanks to the use of bright colors, pictures and the fact that important numbers and titles are emphasized.

To finish, the fact that its source and its date of creation are indicated adds credibility.

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