The True Cost of a Wedding Knot

The Royal Wedding spawned a lot of interest in weddings. The over the top, no expenses spared affair was worldwide news. Many people started thinking about their own weddings, or just weddings in general. This infographic shows what the average wedding looks like in the U.S. The average wedding costs just under $27,000. But many people don’t know where all that money goes, or how to avoid some of the higher cost parts of a wedding. I chose this infographic because it shows where money goes in a wedding, as well as all the other numbers involved. So even though your wedding might not look like Kate Middleton’s, you can still have a lovely affair, and one that does’t cost you $48 million.

One response to “The True Cost of a Wedding Knot

  1. Great infographic! Many times, when couples seek out my team, they don’t have a budget. Creating a budget is certainly the most important step in planning a wedding, in order to avoid going into debt. We sit down with all of our clients and go through all of the details and prioritize everything…