Acid in a Bottle

At first, before coming upon this infographic chart on tumblr, all I knew about sodas and other soft drinks were that it is bad for your teeth and can cause acne.  No way did I thought it can produce more damage to your body such as asthma in the lungs, kidney failures and abnormalioties in the reproductive system.  This inforgraph may not be about politics, education, the economy or women’s rights, but it is another thing that concerns us.  Knowing full well that soft drinks are very common and popular throughout our lifestyle, this chart gave me a sense of concern and wonder of how much we are consuming that can led to poison and permenate damage to our body.  We really have to be careful and have full knowledge of what we eat and driink.  There’s more to it than the taste.

“We are what we [consume] eat .”

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