Apartment Composting

I chose this infographic because it is relatable to those of us living in a Green Village apartment.  My dad is an amazing gardener and we are always saving kitchen scraps to ad to his compost.  I have never thought of being able to compost in an apartment, but this infographic shows it is easy.  The infographic is effective at showing the reader how to make a compost container, by giving details of what you need and step by step instruction to follow.  It also has a diagram of what to put it the compost and what not to put in.    I like the choice of only using three colors the keep it simple and not overwhelm the reader.  It is not overly wordy.  The use of pictures  with short descriptions makes it easy to follow.  The long rectangle shape of the infographic is helpful, because it goes in chronological order of how you would make the compost and then what you need to know next, such as what to put in it.  Tips are given on how to use the compost after it is finished, it would be fun to create compost and use it in potted plants outside an apartment.



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