This is the class blog for English 211: News Writing and Investigative Reporting and English 311: Feature Writing.

It is called “Popping the Bubble” because Sweet Briar students often refer to the campus as the “Pink Bubble,” a place that is cut-off or insulated  from the “real world.”

Some of this cut-off feeling has to do with the bucolic environment of many college campuses, which makes it easy to feel far away from the problems of the “real world.” Also contributing to this feeling are the huge course loads that make for very little time to keep up with the news, whether in print, on-line, or on a nightly news cast.

These courses and this blog will force you to create space and time in your schedule to think beyond the bubble, focusing for a few hours every week on the questions: “What is news?”  and “What is the role of news  and journalism and in our culture?”  Thinking deeply about these questions will help you to begin thinking and writing like a professional journalist.