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Stetson does more than hats

Creed of the Klanswoman


In Stetson Kennedy’s article we see him start the article not with a clever one-liner, but instead with a quote that leaves the reader with no other option than to keep on going. How does Kennedy keep the reader engaged with his sweet quotation? Good question….with the quotation Kennedy has chosen he puts the reader in the middle of a situation without explaining how we got there. Much like a maze we have to read our way out. Kennedy keeps the reader too engaged to read their way out and then stop- this is partially because of the nature of the story and partially because Kennedy is doing his job well. One of my favorite lines was when Kennedy is describing the woman given the job of climbing into the cab. His engaging brilliance is put on display with the line, “She’s a Klanswoman, all right, I said to myself, and I’ll bet she knows how to use the pistol in her purse” (Shapiro, 255) I think the line is meant to show people are rarely what they look like on the outside. Alluding to the fact that anyone around you can be in the Klan. Because I am from south Georgia, this resonates with me. My entire family on my mom’s side has lived in Macon Georgia for over a hundred years, so Kennedy’s depiction of the Klan fascinated me. The descriptions of Atlanta were interesting too as my dad grew up there and I have visited it a lot. The Klan is still present in the area around where I live but most of the photos I have seen of them show them doing community service etc. The people shown in this investigative piece are the people I see every day in my community. One part that interested me was Kennedy’s deep engagement in Klan activity. I found it interesting that he participated in their schemes and activities. I didn’t have a moral problem with it, I just found it interesting to see how that participation interacted with his depictions of the Klan in his writing. The integration of oneself as a journalist is something I think very interesting and would like to do myself. The idea of remaining objective is almost obliterated because the journalist is in so deep. This is also seen with Julian Sher who lived deep within the motorcycle gang Hell’s Angels. I am planning on reading Kennedy’s entire book because I know my dad owns it. (This is his area of study) Kennedy creates an engaging and moving piece of reading by his integration of quotations, imagery, and experience. Good move Kennedy, good move.


Klan Wedding 2000's- from Modern Day Klan Photojournal



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“Soup, in his response to whatever this article is about, goes on to say that it is the reader’s due diligence to investigate journalists and their conflicts, so as to have a better idea of who to trust. It seems to me that this idea is a bit like blaming the victim. I am to blame for trusting something I read from a major news outlet because I did not take time out of my day to research every last thing that reporter/organization is/has been involved with? No. They do not sell me the news. They are selling trust. If they are not selling trustworthy material they are not doing their job and should be taken to task by organizations who are selling trust. Therein lies the competition effect of the free market on journalism. This idea that it is up to the end-consumer of news to be responsible for policing trust is infuriating because the burden is unreasonable. Having to cruise public documents and dredge the internet to find out if someone is being truthful is not the public’s job, it is a reporter’s. Any insinuation otherwise is absurd.”

Beatings and all other morally acceptable mediums

Though the topic of Nellie Bly’s article from “Ten Days in a Madhouse” was depressing she gets props for a lede that would blow an elephant out of the water. The one line opener includes suffering and a female, instant win. As Bly continues one image that resonated with me was the german woman being spat on, Bly did a good job of making the reader feel the experience. Another incident was the woman Urena. The way Bly writes about the treatment of the woman is shocking and prompts the reader to continue reading. I was able to find some really interesting pictures of the asylum that Bly was writing about. (Below)

Funny Article

People Get Jacked….Legally.

“Have you ever considered taking steroids to get the perfect body?”
for some reason it won’t let me have my own post. The lede on this story is very powerful because steroids have become a hot topic in the media. Also the lede appeals to the average person who would go “yeah, I’d like the perfect body.” I was originally planning on posting an article about FARC in Columbia, but then I realized the lede on that story was really only eye catching if you, like me, are a war obsessed adrenaline junkie. The lede I chose is effective with its one line opener as well as continuing to capture interest as it forages ahead into the least loveable reading…that of the scientific realm. (Right before self help books and after how-to manuals) The article does a good job of briefly exploring this new drug that builds muscle without testing positive for anabolic steroids. Boom. Pro baseball got a lot more exciting. Nitric Oxide. (a few molecules away from the stuff they put in the cars on fast and furious to make the internal combustion engines work harder….also a sibling to laughing gas….gotta love the biology minor)