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From Woof to Squeak

I liked this post because of its effectiveness. The infograph shows the most popular pets and how much they cost on average (in the U.S.).

Washington Post-Front Page

Once asked to see what I thought about the front of a news web page, I decided to google one. The first three web pages that popped up showed CNN, FOX, and NBC. After some searching, I found a news page called “The Washington Post”. I had a feeling that everyone would try to pick at least two of these three super net works. This why I chose to write about “The Washington Post.”

The first article that appeared was called “Obama, Romney differ on need for U.S swagger”. I’m not going to lie, the title alone deterred me. I am not a political person to begin with, but to add differing on swagger doesn’t appeal to me. The next article on the page read “NFL Referees said to be within reach of a deal”. This headline threw me off a little. I am not a NFL fan, but with all the political drama happening the refreshing air of NFL didn’t seem to bad.

The next couple articles dept with religious politics. A Mohammad follower proclaims that his prophet was insulted. The article to the right of that read “Hezbollah throws support to Syrian regime, U.S. and Libyan officials say.” This article alone does not restore faith to this paper. If they are playing a ‘he said she said’ game then the whole article is flawed and not helpful.

A few more headliners appeared. I believe the most shocking would have to go opinion section. They had several anti-republican statements up. This leads me to think that this web page is a little Liberal with a high bias for the Democratic party. The anti-republican and the president padding articles lead me to this. I also came to this conclusion after reading the religious headliners. These headliners took Democratic ideas.

George Seldes VS Stetson Kennedy

George Seldes and Stetson Kennedy have vastly different writing styles, but share one thing in common; they both love journalism. They love the rush that journalism gives them and they love to dig for the truth. I personally liked Stetson Kennedy’s writing style better than George Seldes.

George Seldes likes to be a statistical writer. I felt like his article was more of a ‘let’s compare stats’ than a hard hitting article. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed reading the stats, but there was not much to the story other than stats. I did not know that in 1941, almost 3,500 people between the ages of 30 to 60 died of non-smoking. That is 33 in 100 who died a year, I found that to be pretty amazing, to think that you didn’t need to smoke and that you had a more than 30 percent chance of dying, that is pretty incredible. The article also said that 53,774 people out of 100,000, who were heavy smokers between the ages of 30 to 60, would die. The percentage came out to 54 of every 100 people who chain smoked who die, which was over a 50 percent chance of dying.

Stetson Kennedy was a whole different writer. Stetson’s article was more like Nellie’s article; they both wrote as undercover investigators. I felt like Stetson Kennedy became wrapped up in his story more than Nellie. Unlike Nellie, Stetson’s title was more of a mystery. I was not sure of what to expect. When first reading the title “The Klavaliers Ride To A Fall” the KKK was not the first thought that crossed my mind. His first paragraph was quite an attention grabber. Stetson tried to keep his readers on the edge of their chairs-so to speak.

Stetson tried to focus his article on a certain incident that the Klan were planning, the attack on a taxi driver. The Klan was enraged with the fact that the driver was a black man. The Klan’s leader ran over the man. The police called his death an “accident”. Stetson felt horrible because he was unable to prevent the man’s death because of all the scrutiny they placed on the ‘probies’. Stetson’s article felt more like a novel in the end.

“chocking and Beating Patients” Nellie Bly

“Chocking and Beating Patients”, not a lede that you would read very often. The title struck me as very out there and seemed as if it would be quite grottoes. This lede was a very shocking title and it made me want to read more. I could see how the reader would want to read more about these poor patients. No one wants to think about a patient being abused as they were receiving vital care under a professional’s hands. I digress, this title became a conversational starter. Not to mention a good drama starter.
Nellie was no normal undercover detective. Nellie put herself as a patient. She wanted to experience everything that the patients were experiencing in their day to day interaction with their professional care givers. Nellie was unable to conduct interviews the people. Instead, Nellie tried her best to remember everything that was said. She tried to over listen to as many conversations as she could. These conversations became a pivotal part of her article. No quotes meant no article to her. She had to do her best to get some credible information. These quotes along with being the backbone of her story, would help the reader be able to understand what all went down in the asylum. When she went to write, she would try to remember everything that was said. These conversations helped the reader understand and visualize what it was like. They were also brought to the awareness of the situation.
As the article proceeds, Nellie became to involved. Nellie became a character in her own article. The article became more of a story. She became to involved with her article for it to be a non-personal article. Nevertheless, Nellie’s writing became the talk of the town. People were brought to realize what was actually happening to the asylum.