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I chose this infographic because Pinterest appeals to all demographics.  It connects all types of people through things they are interested in and allows people to share their ideas.  It is now a major social network and this infographic shows its significance.

NBC News

NBC news is perceived to have a liberal biased.  The first article that appeared on was titled “War on coal? Why Obama may not be industry’s worst enemy”.  The title showed a bias toward Obama, and informed the readers that  the war on coal is not Obama’s fault.  The article reveals that the  problem with coal is due to the lowering of natural gas prices rather than Obama’s administration. There is another article on the homepage that favors the Obama administrations fight against student debt.

The picture of a gay couple kissing on NBC’s homepage , also expresses a liberal bias. In the article, the couple expresses their disappointment with the way their engagement pictures were altered as a hate crime.  The top of the home page has rainbow colors, unlike the Fox news homepage that is an American flag. This could be seen a liberal bias, because in the gay community, the rainbow is often seen as representative.


“The Klavaliers Ride to a Fall” by Stetson Kennedy

Stetson Kennedy’s article, “The Klavaliers Ride to a Fall”, began with an intriguing lede. He used a conversation between Klan members, that discussed their plan to take the law into their own hands.  Kennedy was successful in this lede, because he gave the reader part of a conversation, and didn’t tell what the klans plans were.  Readers would certainly want to read this article because it had inside information on the Klan, and that is something that interest people.  Most people read stories about the klan from outsiders, not insiders.

Since Kennedy was undercover with the klan, his quotes are conversations between the klan members.  These quotes should be reliable since they are things he was hearing and seeing.  The problem being that he was probably writing these quotes after the fact, and they weren’t exactly word for word.  He probably wasn’t able to record what the klan was saying, because if he did, he would have been killed. He was unable to question the klan, because obviously they didn’t know he was a reporter.

Stetson Kennedy’s article, “The Kavaliers Ride to a Fall”, was very similar to Nellie Bly’s article, “Choking and Beating the Patients”.  They were both from the first person point of view and reporting undercover.  The problem with both of these things, was that the articles read more like a story and not hard news coverage.  I do believe that Kennedy’s article revealed things about the klan that people needed to see and his only way of doing that was to be undercover.  I will say that his article was much more interesting than George Seldes on tobacco.  Seldes was filled with hard facts and percentages, and lacked emotion. Towards the end of Kennedy’s article, the reader would become emotionally involved and empathetic towards Kennedy and James Martin.

“Choking and Beating Patients” Nellie Bly

The title of Nellie Bly’s article, “Choking and Beating Patients”, immediately captured my attention.  It allows the reader to see controversy  and makes them want to read more.  In the lede, Bly uses the patient, Miss Tillie Mayard, to make the reader feel sorry for this person and want to know what has happened to her. I think Bly’s strategy here makes a good lede.  Although, I do believe the lede could have been a bit more dramatic since the title gives that impression.

The sources Bly uses in this article are patients and nurses from the asylum.  These are perfectly credible sources since they were the people who were there in this asylum and saw things first hand.  Bly mostly quotes conversations between the attendants and the patients.  This allows the reader to actually understand what was really going on in the asylum and to pity the patients.  The reader is able to see how mistreated the patients are and how cruel the attendants are.  Bly is undercover in the asylum so she can’t really get direct quotes from people asking about their feeling towards the way the asylum is run.  I would have liked to see more quotes from patients.

Bly’s article is more of a story than a news report.  Being undercover, she can’t interview people.  She can only write what she sees and hears.  The way she writes this article,  brings awareness to the issue without being boring.