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I chose these two info-graphics because I think that they would help many people trying to obtain the hipster status (Katherine).  They are significant because “hipsters” dont like to consider themselves as being part of a trend, when in fact, they are. There is a “how to” on the trend so I believe that it is indeed in time for them to except this cruel reality. These are good examples of info-graphics  because they help you understand what they are talking about with the graphs and pictures.

“Lynching of Innocent Men”

“Lynching of Innocent Men”

I chose to analyze the article “Lynching of Innocent Men” by Ida B. Wells. The lede for this article was very confusing. It might be because I just don’t understand it but I also just could not grasp what they were trying to say. After reading along I came across this quote in the beginning of a paragraph

“Thursday morning a brakesman on a freight train going out of Sikeston, Montana, discover a Negro stealing a ride; he ordered him off and had hot words which terminated a fight” (Pg 63)

This opening line for a paragraph however, I think is a great lede. It intrigues you and grabs your attention right off the bat. What happened is clear and you can easily follow. Moving away from just talking about the ledes, I found this article somewhat difficult to read. I feel as if it were re-written it would be very interesting, but as it is now, I am a little bored because I had a hard time following.

Analysis on the lede in “South Park’ takes on Honey Boo Boo: Funniest celebrity takedown?”

The article I chose was about the toddler sensation Honey Boo Boo. The lede is

“Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of “South Park,” aren’t afraid of taking on some big celebrity targets, and in this latest episode they’ve gone after the most talked-about show on TV: “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.””

I found this to be a good lede because if you didn’t know what the show was or who Honey Boo Boo was they would be interested in reading more. In the one sentence opener you get a lot of information, but not enough, so it makes you want to keep reading. One thing though that I didn’t like is, they called Honey Boo Boo and big time celebrity. In my eyes, she is not one in the least bit because she is merely a toddler.

Fox news in a recent article, ” What Press Won’t Say About Economy”, called a biased alert. When reading the article they are being harsher towards Obama and almost in a mocking tone. They talk about how recent articles have skewed the out look on the economy and are giving a “dishonest” view of the economy.

When I was reading this I thought that it was biased in itself along with some of the other articles they quoted. This could be easily fixed, but it almost sounds a little aggressive and that may or may not be intentional.