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Facts About Sugar


The infographic  above discusses the amount of sugar intake that people have. I found this interesting because, the amount of sugar that people consume on a daily basis can be a lot. It also talks about how much sugar some of the things we drink, like soft drinks actually contain. I find this infographic to be fascinating because I did not know that sugar had the ability to affect your body in so many negative ways.

ABC News-Front Page Review

When looking at the front page of the ABC News website, the first thing that I saw was a large picture of Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney that went along with an article titled, “Ohio Slipping Out of Romney’s Reach.” The first thing that came to my mind after viewing this was the fact that I feel that the article seeks to portray Romney in a negative light. Ohio is considered a state that is “slightly” liberal, but the fact that Ohio could be a state that causes Romney to receive less votes in the upcoming election is not a good thing in my opinion. After all, swing states can make a huge difference in the outcome of presidential elections. The fact that the website headlines this article allowed me to come to the conclusion that ABC constructed it to appeal to a more Liberal audience.

Another reason why I came to the conclusion that ABC News seems to cater to Liberals is because they displayed more headlines that present Romney in a negative way in comparison to President Obama. When looking at the front page, I saw that there were about six articles detailing events that did not seek to show Romney in the best way, while Obama only had about three. This fact also becomes evident when I looked at the Featured Politics Video section. There were two videos that talked about Romney falling behind in the polls, while the video that discussed Obama was about him warning Iran about nuclear plans. For this reason, it appeared that ABC was trying to give more “brownie points” to Obama, rather than Romney.

In terms of advertisements, captions and other pictures that are featured on the front page, I do feel that ABC intended to appeal to a Liberal audience. Regardless of this fact, I also believe they were trying to focus on stressing the importance of voting to anyone who may view their website. At the top of the page, there was a caption that stated, “Your Voice, Your Vote.” In my opinion, this statement supports the notion that the only way that people are going to be heard and make a difference is if they cast their vote in November. ABC news may be standing behind Obama in the upcoming election, but regardless of this fact, they still emphasize on the idea that people should show more of an interest in politics and vote.


“The Suppressed Tobacco Story” by George Seldes

I feel that the lede to this article could effectively grab most readers’ attention because it provokes curiosity. After reading the lede, I immediately wanted to know more about both how and why smoking shortens the life span. In my opinion, the lede also goes along with the principle “Never deceive the audience” that Kovach and Rosentiel discuss in Chapter Four of their book. After all, the fact that smoking can indeed shorten your life has been proven, and for this reason, Seldes does not provide the audience with information that is not accurate.

In terms of the amount of quotes that Seldes uses, he does not rely on them heavily, but I do not think that this fact takes away from the quality of the article. I found it interesting that he chose to use various types of data in his article, instead of just taking direct comments from other people. Regardless of this fact, I feel that his use of data from scientists and medical experts has the same effect of actually interviewing someone, because you still feel as if your are getting information directly from a professional. Kovach and Rosentiel list the principle “Never add anything that was not there” in Chapter Four.  For this reason, I do not feel that the authenticity of this article article was brought down by him including information in his article that he did not actually acquire.

In regards to the Seldes’ writing style, I also feel that he successfully achieved the “Be as transparent as possible about your methods and motives” principle that Kovach and Rosentiel mention in Chapter Four. His main objective in writing this article appears to be to inform the audience of the risks of smoking and how it can lead to the declining of your health. In my opinion, he also seeks to provide the audience with truthful information so that they can develop a healthier and more productive lifestyle. I believe that Seldes provides both valid and credible facts  in this article, and that he truly had the audiences’ best interests at heart when writing it.


“Choking and Beating Patients” by Nellie Bly

When assessing Choking and Beating Patients, I feel that the author successfully presented a lede that could capture the reader’s attention. After reading the lede, questions immediately came to my mind , such as, “Who is Miss Tillie Mayard?” and “Why is she cold?” The lede to this article instantly made me want to learn more about the event that was being reported and to continue reading. I also feel that the lede was effective at structuring the rest of the story. After introducing Mayard, it goes on to describe her condition and the reader is presented with the opportunity to become more knowledgeable about the other people who were included in the article as well.

In terms of the of the amount of sources that the author used,  I think that there was a reasonable amount included in the article. I feel that this article was written in order to tell a story, rather than just to provide basic facts that could be verified  by a quote. I believe that the sources that the author uses provides the reader with the accurate information to keep them reading. I think that the use of  conversation between the people in the article makes it unique and it helps to create the sense of actually being there to hear it. In my opinion, the dialogue proves to be useful and I feel that it helps to capture the emotion  behind the article.

I feel that the author’s writing style for this article was plain, which made it easier to read. The writer did not appear to include many sentences that served no purpose,and also avoided using excessive amounts of unnecessary words. I believe that the article was written to be clear and concise and to effectively get the message across to the reader. The author was also very detailed when describing various scenes and did an excellent job at creating visual images. Bly made it simple to produce mental pictures of what was happening at certain points in time during the story. Overall, I feel that the article was written well and I would definitely read more of this author’s work in the future.