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Acid in a Bottle

At first, before coming upon this infographic chart on tumblr, all I knew about sodas and other soft drinks were that it is bad for your teeth and can cause acne.  No way did I thought it can produce more damage to your body such as asthma in the lungs, kidney failures and abnormalioties in the reproductive system.  This inforgraph may not be about politics, education, the economy or women’s rights, but it is another thing that concerns us.  Knowing full well that soft drinks are very common and popular throughout our lifestyle, this chart gave me a sense of concern and wonder of how much we are consuming that can led to poison and permenate damage to our body.  We really have to be careful and have full knowledge of what we eat and driink.  There’s more to it than the taste.

“We are what we [consume] eat .”

ABC News Report

On Sweet Briar campus, it’s understood when an iPad is stolen or has gone ‘missing’. It is also expected when the news of it are posted and spread throughout the entire faculty and student body. What is not expected is to have something similar posted as a headline on the ABC news website.

At first I thought about analyzing one of the top three news websites, CNN, but felt that was too expected. So listening to my own advice, I kept searching through Google and came upon the ABC news website. By first seeing the headline of an iPad being stolen and tracked down, that instantly drew me in.

The headline read as “ABC News Tracks Missing iPad to TSA Officer’s Home”. Below the headline were the top stories (listing only the top six): “‘Sons of Anarchy’ Actor Found Dead”, “Mexico Catches Zetas Drug Lord”, “NFL, Refs. Reach Deal to End Lockout”, “Mortgage Hits New Record Low”, “Netanyahu Brings Ian Fears to UN” and finally, “Woman Suspected of Killing Five Babies”. Beside the top stories were videos ranging from “Some Students Rebel Against Healthy School Lunches” to “Iranian President AhmadInejad to Address UN General Assembly”.

Viewing this, I can confirm with confidence that the ABC news cover more national events than local ones, but are still able to draw in a good number of people because of the different topics they cover. I can also confirm that the ABC news is conservatively biased because they don’t seem to cover religious events.

“The Klavaliers Ride To A Fall”

One of the works I read and analyzed was by Stetson Kennedy, “The Klavaliers Ride To A Fall”.  

Instantly, with the headline and first paragraph starting out as a kind of novel, it grabbed the reader’s attention (at least that’s what it did with me).   It basically consisted of Kennedy being an undercover journalists for the civil rights movement.  In this article he documented through first person experience, it was about the Klan planning on ambushing a taxi driver who was black.  His name was James Martin and he was seen giving rides for white folks, which back then was against the law.  So, upon witnessing this, the Klan was enraged and decided to take matters into there own hands.  Stetson Kennedy was part of this, though his original plans were to spoil theirs before any kind of harm came.  However, it was not meant to be.  The Klan were cautious of new recruits and kept a stern eye on Kennedy.  Because of it, he was not able to prevent the death of James Martin, who was run over by Randall (head leader of the Klan).  In the end the death was concluded as accidental and no justice was served.

I concluded that Stetson Kennedy’s article is more like a novel being narrated by the main character in first person, and because of it it can also be classified as biased.  He was one of the few witnesses that were there that night, but it’s only through him that we’re even getting the story.  Of course, in this kind of situation that’s expected; a journalists would have to play it by ear.  Plus, it is because of this type of writing that most reader’s attention would not go astray.  How could they when it’s both interesting and informative.

Lynching Of Innocent Men Part 2

Lynching Of Innocent Men (Lynched On Account Of Relationship): By Ida B. Wells

However, there was a one quote that made me question, who?  “Someone declared the rope was a ‘white man’s death’“.  No name was given here, so did someone really stated that quote in the same order?  Coould it be a real quote?  Questions like these can immediately be led to judging the paper as biased.

The writer, Ida B. Wells, I find her style of writing as factual with a sense of holding nothing back.  For me, I found it not to be plain, but precise yet not forceful.  She stated the things that occured in real life during her time and did not use any kind of descriptions, similes or metaphores.  She didn’t need those kind of tactics to make her story come alive nor to gain the reader’s attention.

Lynching Of Innocent Men Part 1

Lynching Of Innocent Men (Lynched On Account Of Relationship): By Ida B. Wells

 In the first few sentences of the article “Lynching Of Innocent Men”, the lede immediately captured my attention because it stated with the subject of the growth of Lynch Law, “the absolute unreliability and recklessness of the mob in inflicting punishment for crimes done”.  During my high school years, the subject of lynching was only discussed in a small degree.  The only thing I’ve learned of lynching then were blacks being hang or burn by the whites for unjustable causes.  Most of the time, the causes were hardly stated of why they were lynched.  If a reason was given, it was mainly because some kind of an affair happened between a black person and a white person.  However, no clear evidence was ever given.  Since then, I would’ve liked to learn more about the lynching that happened back in the 1800′s because the stories were never clear.  They were always one-sided, the truth was never told and proper justice was never carried out.

In this article, there were a good number of quotes to keep the readers from thinking it as a one-sided or a possible non-fiction story that holds more facts than fiction.  Here’s a good example to show this: The same paper says (The Red Record) “…tried to introduce John Willis, a young Negro, to disclose the whereabouts of Julian.  He refused to do so, or could not do so, and was kicked to death by the gang.“  An action such as this occured because a white judge by the name of Victor Estopinal was killed by a black man, Roselius Julian, but the reason for this was never clearly explained.  Julian managed to escape his fate by seeking refuge in the swamp and because of he was never found, the punishment was then taken out on the two brothers and a certain stranger who was just at the wrong place at the wrong time.