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“Lynching of Innocent Men”

“Lynching of Innocent Men”

I chose to analyze the article “Lynching of Innocent Men” by Ida B. Wells. The lede for this article was very confusing. It might be because I just don’t understand it but I also just could not grasp what they were trying to say. After reading along I came across this quote in the beginning of a paragraph

“Thursday morning a brakesman on a freight train going out of Sikeston, Montana, discover a Negro stealing a ride; he ordered him off and had hot words which terminated a fight” (Pg 63)

This opening line for a paragraph however, I think is a great lede. It intrigues you and grabs your attention right off the bat. What happened is clear and you can easily follow. Moving away from just talking about the ledes, I found this article somewhat difficult to read. I feel as if it were re-written it would be very interesting, but as it is now, I am a little bored because I had a hard time following.

Analysis on the lede in “South Park’ takes on Honey Boo Boo: Funniest celebrity takedown?”

The article I chose was about the toddler sensation Honey Boo Boo. The lede is

“Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of “South Park,” aren’t afraid of taking on some big celebrity targets, and in this latest episode they’ve gone after the most talked-about show on TV: “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.””

I found this to be a good lede because if you didn’t know what the show was or who Honey Boo Boo was they would be interested in reading more. In the one sentence opener you get a lot of information, but not enough, so it makes you want to keep reading. One thing though that I didn’t like is, they called Honey Boo Boo and big time celebrity. In my eyes, she is not one in the least bit because she is merely a toddler.

Fox news in a recent article, ” What Press Won’t Say About Economy”, called a biased alert. When reading the article they are being harsher towards Obama and almost in a mocking tone. They talk about how recent articles have skewed the out look on the economy and are giving a “dishonest” view of the economy.

When I was reading this I thought that it was biased in itself along with some of the other articles they quoted. This could be easily fixed, but it almost sounds a little aggressive and that may or may not be intentional.


When looking at MSNBC’S politics homepage I notice different stories they are focusing on. On the left hand side there is a picture of Obama and a story about his new television ad. The picture has him pointing sternly which makes him look serious about what he is talking about.

The first video they list has how much money each candidate has raised. They have Obama first with $10.1 million and Romney second with $7 million. They are showing how Obama has made more money than Romney, making him look more prepared.

In the second listed video they show where Romney and Obama will both be campaigning in Virginia. They once show Obama’s picture about Romney’s picture making him look “on top”.

The only story they have on Romney is about how his team distrusts the public polls in Ohio. This is a negative story implying he does not trust the public opinion.

The first poll on the page is a decision 2012 poll. It has obama leading the charts over Romney for the past year. The Map at the bottom of the page has colored the states for which party they will most likely vote for. It is extremely obvious they have more blue states than red.

The political cartoon they are showing today has a picture of Romney being pied in the face. The bottom of the pie has different percentages for different groups of people. It is showing that the majority of the public disagrees with everything he says and wants to pie him in the face.|utmccn=(organic)|utmcmd=organic|utmctr=msnbc&__utmv=14933801.|8=Earned%20By=msnbc%7Ccover=1^12=Landing%20Content=Mixed=1^^30=Visit%20Type%20to%20Content=Earned%20to%20Mixed=1&__utmk=110671109

The Democrat Los Angeles Times

With the deadlines it is blindingly obvious that the Los Angeles Times stands for the Democrats: “Democrats gain favor in battle for Senate.”  The first words of the paragraph use the Republicans to put forward what they wrote. Republicans are opposite to the positive deadline and so associate to a defeat: “Republicans chances of gaining seats for Senate control begin to fade as more races start leaning toward Democratic candidates.”,0,1114262.story

Moreover, in the section “in case you missed it,” thanks to a cartoon they criticize the Republicans: “Republicans have a medical mindset about climate change.” The cartoon depicts someone who thought that the earth was flat and another person saying that “the sun revolves around the earth”, and finally, we have the republicans who say that the “global warming is a hoax.” Obviously, the website tries to show us that the Republicans are completely wrong, as the medieval ideas.,0,6709952.story

Besides, the Los Angeles Times promotes its city. The advertisements are for instance, in favor of the University of California “(How does the University of California impact your day?)” There is also a “L-A deals,” which allows a reduced cost in a restaurant of Santa Monica.

The advertisement sentences of Bank of America is, “Bank of America is proud to work with those who are making Greater Los Angeles stronger;” where is added “9 to 5 seating Los Angeles, CA client since 2007,” meaning that Bank of America is a trendy place for the people of Los Angeles.

News about Mexico is also more important than in other newspapers, presumably because of the geographical proximity.

The deadline for Thursday, reinstates that The Los Angeles Times is obviously supporting the Democratic Party. In the article they state that,  “[They are], Pro-Obama PAC skewers Romney on “47%” remark.” In the paragraph below, it emphasizes their position in favor of the Obama campaign: “The tape of Romney saying 47% of Americans back the president because they depend on government aid is proving to be a bonanza for Democrats.” When you click on the link, there is another deadline, which confirms again their political state of mind: “Pro-Obama “super PAC” uses “47%” comment to strafe Romney.”,0,1286591.story

Finally, there is a picture of Obama with the subtitle: “At U.N., Obama urges Muslim world to support free speech.” It is evident that the Los Angeles Times tries to show that Obama is the right candidate again, because he is also a defender of freedom.,0,2112136.story

Atlanta Journal Constitution

I chose to analyze the Atlanta Journal Constitution, my local newspaper . The front page only gave local stories about things like a woman killing her son with cough syrup, 2 local technical colleges merging, and a local murder at a Hertz. The only political story linked on the front page was titled, “Your morning jolt: Before the vote, a Democrat says he’ll turn GOP.” Obviously, the paper aims to give the local readers information about their community, not so much about national or global news. Readers must be sports fans as well, because a large portion of the stories are sports related, there are several stories devoted to baseball, and the first video on the front page is about football, with a link to the SEC eBook on a footer that scrolls with the page.

From what I can see from this front page, the newspaper is very much geared towards a local audience and does not expect anyone other than locals to read it. If I were to analyze a political bias, I could say that there might be a liberal bias, since the only political story on the front page focused on the Democratic party. I don’t feel that the newspaper does a very good job of reporting the important news, at least not on the front page. I know there is more to important Atlanta news than a murder and two merging colleges.

Washington Post’s front page analysis

While looking at the Washington Post’s from page I noticed many things. One thing is that there were equal numbers of articles representing the Democratic side of the election as well as the Republican side. Also there were articles about sports, the military, popular books as well as the stock market.

I thought that this was a very balanced and informative front page. I thought that most of the headlines seemed very straightforward. There were also a lot of links to videos which I think helps the paper a lot because if somebody is busy and does not have time to read the entire story they can turn on the video and listen.

-Courtney Kockler

ABC News Report

On Sweet Briar campus, it’s understood when an iPad is stolen or has gone ‘missing’. It is also expected when the news of it are posted and spread throughout the entire faculty and student body. What is not expected is to have something similar posted as a headline on the ABC news website.

At first I thought about analyzing one of the top three news websites, CNN, but felt that was too expected. So listening to my own advice, I kept searching through Google and came upon the ABC news website. By first seeing the headline of an iPad being stolen and tracked down, that instantly drew me in.

The headline read as “ABC News Tracks Missing iPad to TSA Officer’s Home”. Below the headline were the top stories (listing only the top six): “‘Sons of Anarchy’ Actor Found Dead”, “Mexico Catches Zetas Drug Lord”, “NFL, Refs. Reach Deal to End Lockout”, “Mortgage Hits New Record Low”, “Netanyahu Brings Ian Fears to UN” and finally, “Woman Suspected of Killing Five Babies”. Beside the top stories were videos ranging from “Some Students Rebel Against Healthy School Lunches” to “Iranian President AhmadInejad to Address UN General Assembly”.

Viewing this, I can confirm with confidence that the ABC news cover more national events than local ones, but are still able to draw in a good number of people because of the different topics they cover. I can also confirm that the ABC news is conservatively biased because they don’t seem to cover religious events.

The Washington Post front page

The front page of The Washington Post website shows evidence of bias toward the liberal party and more precisely, Barack Obama.

The first news on the website is about Barack Obama. This is the first name that Internet users can see. He is in the headlines. The website highlights him by putting this news on the top of the page and by writing it in a bigger font than the rest.  Both Obama and Romney’s names appear 10 times on the front page. This demonstrates the will of the editorial team to cover both of their current affairs.

Nevertheless, there is also a difference in the vocabulary used for the candidates. On the one hand, the words used by the journalists in Romney’s news have a negative connotation: “dramatic”, “problem”, “brutal”, weakens”, “uninsured”, “incoherence”, “flaws”. On the other hand, the words used for Barack Obama are more positive: “defense”, “strength”. This fact implies that the news which deal with Romney are more critical. The journalists report them by focusing on his counterproductive actions. Some headlines are explicit: “Romney’s immigration incoherence”, “Republicans’ real problem” for instance. Moreover, it looks like they favor the report of facts for Obama and the interpretation and judgment for Romney.

The choice of the videos which are available on the front page also express bias. Romney’s video is entitled: “Mitt Romney’s path to victory appears to narrow” while Obama’s video is entitled: “President Obama addresses the United Nations General Assembly”. They choose to present news about his presidential functions, about his status. On the contrary, for Romney, they focus on their point of view of the campaign of the other candidate.

Yahoo News Bias

Yahoo News shows a liberal bias in the news stories highlighted and the articles headlines. There are three articles about Obama’s lead in the presidential race, clearly supporting the liberal point of view.  One of the large stories on the front page is about Obama’s “superior operation” in Ohio.  To accentuate the focus on Obama, Yahoo News also wrote an article titled, “You don’t need a Weatherman to know Mitt Romney’s  loosing in Ohio”.  The negative tone when discussing  Romney’s political standing, compared to the positive word choice written about Obama, further emphasizes the liberal tone of the news page.

The article titled “Pepper-sprayed students to get $1 million in settlement” also displays Yahoo News is directed to a young audience.  The page my be bias toward a students perspective, because they are the expected audience.  Some of the side bar stories and videos display the slant aim toward a student audience; “Coolest towns in America 2012”, “Cat saves Ohio Couple from carbon monoxide poisoning”, “Skydiver aims for supersonic plunge on Oct. 8th”.  These stories are of interest to a younger generation.

Yahoo News gives the public factual journalistic stories, yet the stories chosen to cover and the tone of the headlines demonstrate a liberal bias with an expectation of a student audience.