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Save Women Not Ta-Ta’s: A Perspective on National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Save Women Not “Ta-Ta’s”: A Perspective on National Breast Cancer Awareness Month
By Elizabeth Kilgallin

Photo Credit: Marie Claire Magazine

In October, Breast Cancer awareness month, pink becomes widespread as people from potential First Ladies to NFL players sport the color. In the 20 years since the pink ribbon became the official symbol of breast cancer awareness, commercial sponsorships and merchandise have become a focus during October. During the pink-crazed October, those who wish to support awareness can buy pretty much anything pink. From snuggies to cocktails, breast cancer pink is boasted all over the country. At Sweet Briar College, a small women’s College in southern Virginia, young women shared their observations on the pink-filled October.
The Save the Ta-Ta’s” Foundation is a national foundation for Breast Cancer Awareness that is very visible every October. This month, there have been Save the Ta Ta’s sponsored internet ads, but some of these ads do not show the heads of the women talking, only their breasts. Olivia Smith, a Sweet Briar Junior, said: “These advertising campaigns are misleading and I find it deeply disturbing that our culture has become so focused on a saving the breasts mentality that we forget that breast cancer effects the lives of real women, not just their breasts.” Catherine Freeman, a Sweet Briar Junior, agrees with Smith, she said: “Breast Cancer awareness month would be more effective if the focus was save the women or save the mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, etc.”
Sarah Lindemann, a Sweet Briar Senior, said “While I think it’s a step forward that every October, this country is awash in pink to highlight the impact of breast cancer, it’s also misguided. Breast cancer impacts so many women, but through advertising campaigns and viral marketing campaigns, the focus has become only about their breasts.” Lambda Green, a Sweet Briar Junior, believes that the importance of raising money trumps the misguided Save the Ta-Ta’s mentality. “No one can deny that money raised for research through Breast Cancer awareness month has been influential in the fight against breast cancer, even though there are more than a few issues with the advertising,” she said.
Amanda Wager, a Sweet Briar Junior, said, “When I walk into stores during October, I see pink everywhere. Although I want to support the cause, I want to be sure that the money from say, a pink Beanie Baby, is going to the right foundations.” Murphy Owen, a Sweet Briar Junior, agrees with Wager: “Sometimes I choose not to buy anything, for fear that it is a charity scam.”
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